11" Deep LiteFly® - Fly Rack Only (1 to 3 Spaces)

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OCD LiteFly 3RU.jpg

11" Deep LiteFly® - Fly Rack Only (1 to 3 Spaces)

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Our LiteFLy® racks are custom made to be durable, yet lightweight. Add a custom foamed injection molded case, and our LiteFLy® packages are not only lightweight, but perfect for protecting your gear on flights, the road, or your local gigs. Available in 11", 15”, 18” deep, up to 5RU, and now offered in half rack sizes as well.

LF111 is 11" deep and 1RU (20"x11"x3")

LF211 is 11" deep and 2RU (20"x11"x4.75") 

LF311 is 11" deep and 3RU (20"x11"x6.44") 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item is made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days before product is shipped.

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